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The most experienced and professional Broward County Public Adjuster in the South Florida. I am an expert at getting Broward County homeowners, condominium owners and business owners the most money on their property damage claims. I have been considered Broward County's most experienced public adjuster by hundreds of clients and professional affiliates. When it comes to maximizing and securing large insurance claim settlements, give me a call or use my contact form.

I guarantee that I will not get paid unless you do, are I have no out of pocket fees for our Broward County Public Adjusting Service.
The insurance company has their own adjusters that represents their interests and protects their bottom line; as a Broward County Public Adjuster I only work for you and represents your interest. 

When shopping for the best Broward County Public Insurance Adjusters you will want to make sure they are members of NAPIA (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters) with US Adjusters, we are long standing members of NAPIA.
When you hire me as your Broward County Public Adjuster you will have someone handling all the details of your claim, writing a detailed estimate of the damages and fighting to get you the most money possible ( The statistics above shows that using a Broward County Public Adjuster resulted in a much larger settlement than if you were not use a Public Adjuster) and allowing you to get on with your life and relieve you of the immense stress that comes along with fighting with the insurance company and their adjuster.
As a Broward County Public Adjuster I specialize in fire damage claims, smoke losses, pipe breaks, flood damage, mold damage, tornado claims, hail damage, water damage claims, natural disasters such as tornado, hurricane, earthquakes and more. Call our Broward County Public Adjuster, don't just hire any public adjuster, hire the most reputable and most experienced Broward County Public Adjuster.




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—D. Summa - Fort Lauderdale

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